Bratty Princess AimeeI am sure you are just aching to know just a little bit about me. I know you are practically begging just to hear a little bit about my personality.

Well here it is loser. I am a naturally dominant woman. I am young, cruel and beautiful. I can be unbelievably addicting. I am quite intelligent, and very manipulative. I am extremely confident, and not afraid to say what I think. If your feelings are easily hurt, you should leave now.

I know just how to get in your head, little loser. I know how to twist your brain around, bending you to my will. I know how weak you are; I know how to exploit every little weakness you have. You will be addicted to me; you will be my little brainless pet. Don’t bother trying to resist me, we both know you don’t have the mental strength for that. Before I am done with you, you will be hopelessly addicted groveling at my feet. I will leave you constantly begging for more. And maybe, just maybe, if you indulge my every whim, you will get more.





Money In My Pretty Hands

  • Money In My Pretty Hands

    Watch me play with and count the pocket change I had on me. Doesn't you hard earned cash look so much nicer and my pretty hands?

    No this isn't cheap, but its an extremely rare treat for you freaks. Buy it now, cause it will only get more expensive.

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