Bratty Princess AimeeI am sure you are just aching to know just a little bit about me. I know you are practically begging just to hear a little bit about my personality.

Well here it is loser. I am a naturally dominant woman. I am young, cruel and beautiful. I can be unbelievably addicting. I am quite intelligent, and very manipulative. I am extremely confident, and not afraid to say what I think. If your feelings are easily hurt, you should leave now.

I know just how to get in your head, little loser. I know how to twist your brain around, bending you to my will. I know how weak you are; I know how to exploit every little weakness you have. You will be addicted to me; you will be my little brainless pet. Don’t bother trying to resist me, we both know you don’t have the mental strength for that. Before I am done with you, you will be hopelessly addicted groveling at my feet. I will leave you constantly begging for more. And maybe, just maybe, if you indulge my every whim, you will get more.





Boot Sweat

  • Boot Sweat

    Aren't these boots so sexy? I know you think so. I know you love them, and that is why I have been filming in them for a while. But now my feet are all sweaty. I know how badly you want to smell the amazing aroma of my feet, so come here.

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    • Boot Fetish
    • Boot Domination
    • Female Domination